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ORBIT POWERTRONICS PVT. LTD. introduces "Intelligent Inverter", based on latest PWM technology with MOSFET, internationally proven for its reliability and efficiency. It allows you to enjoy uninterrupted power supply for longer duration even after the other inverters of the same specifications and ratings have fizzled out. Ideal for home anf office alike, Orbit inverters is the perfect companion in terms of comfort and dependability. Read More
Online UPS - The online UPS, sometimes called a true UPS, is the best type you can buy. Paradoxically, it is both very similar to, and totally opposite to, the least-expensive type, the standby UPS.
Inverters - Inverters are electronic devices used to change DC battery power into 240 volt AC house power. These models are efficient, reliable and easy to use. The idle power loss is low, so most inverters can be left on 24 hours a day.
CVTs: - In an Orbit CVT, the AC mains powers the input which is widely seprated physically from the isolated output winding. The input winding normally runs at very moderate Flux linkage levels.

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